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the Ultimate Freedom, Health & Richness of Life

What's special about us?

"Addiction Free"

themed natural resort.

The only resort that can provide "Anti-drug" & "Drug Rehabilitation" sharing.


We also offer "Money Management" talk and courses by our founder CS Wong, also the founder of MonQ Academy.

More about MonQ Academy here: 

We provide Experiential Education.

The first resort in Malaysia that provide this program.

Experiential Education is a type of activity that teaches and share good value and concept through playing games and interacting activities. 

It also helps children and even adults to develop active thinking skills, the importance of unity, the importance of trust, and more!

How does it work?

We have a few types of Experiential Education activities. Throughout the activities, our conductor will guide them to complete specific tasks. After that, participants are encouraged to share what they learn through the activities. Lastly, our conductor will share the meaning behind each activity, then let the participant discuss it with each other.

Experiential Education covers activities from team building for children and adults, and even for families. 


Come and try out The First 2 Men Tube House in Malaysia!

A living room and bathroom are attached.

A great place for "Check-in" and updating your social media status!

Why MonQ Land Resort?

- We are just 1 hour away from KL, Selangor, and

- We are located in a village with clean and fresh air!

- A quiet place for retreat and relaxation!

- We have a natural river for children to play at!

- A place where stars are visible at night!

- We have delicious local food and it's cheap!

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